Creating notes

Write your information into the gray area labeled "Add noteā€¦".
Afterwards press Enter to confirm.

Defining priorities

Priorities can be defined by adding one of the following characters at the start of a note:

Priority Character

Marking a note with high priority can be done like this: !Learn for school.

The default priority is

Completing notes

Hover over a note and click on the checkbox to the right to complete it.
A completed notes is crossed out and partly transparent.

Note actions

Hovering over a note reveals a button ( ) which provides note actions upon clicking on it.

Action Description
Change priority Opens a popup allowing you to change the priority.
Delete Deletes the note.
Edit text Allows you to edit the note text.
(You can also perform a double click to edit)

Detailed note information

Hovering over a note also reveals more information about the note.

Information Description Example
Date of creation When the note has been created 3 days ago
Origin Where the note is from
(only displayed if the note has been added through the context menu)

Note options

The options can be accessed by clicking onto the gear ( ) in the top right of the extension popup.


Option Description Default value
Save current draft Your current note will be saved upon closing the popup and loaded when it is opened again. Enabled
Show context menu Adds an option to the context menu. This option allows you to create a note from a text selection. Enabled
Enable spellcheck The extension will check for any grammar mistakes when creating or editing a note. Enabled
Parse urls Allows interaction with links to websites or emails inside a note. Enabled
Show version changelog Opens the changelog upon an extension update. Enabled

Note priorities

Clicking on a priority allows you to rename it.


Action Description
Clear completed notes Clears notes marked as completed.
Reset settings Settings will be reset to it's default value.
Save notes Your notes (both completed and uncompleted) will be downloaded.
Load notes Your notes will be loaded. Already existing notes will be overwritten.
Extension support Sends an email to

Developer documentation

Debug output

Add the query paramter ?debug=1 to the end of the option page url.