Web solutions according to Your needs

Wordpress monotony was yesterday.

The Internet is increasingly flooded with websites created by unintuitive content management systems (CMS).
The result: increased load times, poor user experience, compromised search engine optimization (SEO), and no recall.
To counteract this trend, I provide you with customized web solutions according to your needs:

  • Individually designed web solution (e.g. website) with high recognition value
  • Intuitive, minimalistic back office (CMS) for data management
  • Improved search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Low loading times
  • All around positive user experience

Realization of programming interfaces

Abolish monolithic architecture.

In stationary retail, in the online store or in the car: a constant exchange of data is essential. To implement this on a technical level, I offer the realization of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs):

  • Efficient endpoints for fast, secure data exchange
  • Access restrictions through authorization mechanisms (e.g. OAuth 2.0)
  • REST-compliance

Lectures and talks

When one teaches, two learn.

— Robert A. Heinlein

In order to expand and extend knowledge, I hold events at the HSW as a lecturer. I also offer lectures in the field of web development.

A brightly lit lecture room at HSW University of Applied Sciences with beige wooden tables and black wheelchairs on gray carpet, a projector on the ceiling and pictures with motivational sayings on the walls.

Free initial consultation

Getting to know costs nothing.

In order to implement your wishes and ideas in the best possible way, I offer you a free initial consultation. Depending on your schedule, we can discuss your concerns on-site or digitally.

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